Which Players do you predict will break out during the 2011 season?


Jamal Merrell- Rutger's new starting strong-sdie linebacker will use his speed to make plays.

16 Vote(s) 23.88%

D.C. Jefferson- He lives up to his potential.

10 Vote(s) 14.93%

De'Antwan Williams- He is finally getting his shot. What will he do with it?

15 Vote(s) 22.39%

Kaleb Johnson- He could be good enough to start midway the season.

9 Vote(s) 13.43%

Logan Ryan- This his third year, is it time?

11 Vote(s) 16.42%

David Osei- The center assumes a leadership role on the o-line.

6 Vote(s) 8.96%


Total Votes: 67


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