Decision Time Approaches For Crawford

Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher

Jul 9, 2012

By: Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher



At the 2011 Rutgers football camp, Cory Crawford made his presence known to the Rutgers coaching staff resulting in a quick scholarship offer from former Coach Greg Schiano. This past camp he returned to the Piscataway practice fields to again put his skills on display but for a largely new coaching staff. He left the new coaching staff impressed and further solidified the reasoning why he was quickly offered a scholarship.


“Coach Flood said I did a great job.  He really liked the way I ran my routes”, he said.


During this second visit to the Rutgers campus, Crawford had the opportunity to get to know the new coaching staff and tour the campus.  He had been impressed by the school and the last coaching staff. So he had some high expectations for his second visit.


“Coach Dave Brock is great. He teaches like Coach Fleck. He said that they like me and they’re going to be watching me during the season”, stated Crawford. “Everything about the campus is great.”


Although Crawford claims close to a dozen offers, he has narrowed down his list to two schools.


“It is between Rutgers and Western Michigan. It is a different set of schools but those two have been showing the most interest in me.  I want to go to the place that shows me the most love”, explained Crawford.


If it is truly between Western Michigan and Rutgers, when will Crawford make his decision known?


“It’s going to be on my senior night.  That's November 30th. All my family will be there”.


Crawford might not be a name on the lips of many of the Rutgers fans. He will be a great addition to the 2013 class and might even be one of those surprise impact prospects.