Bo Melton Talks About His commitment

Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher

Apr 17, 2016

By: Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher


WR Bo Melton

WR Bo Melton

 It appeared to be only a matter of time before Coach Ash and his staff got that first big-time recruit. The comments, feedback and reactions were so overwhelmingly positive that even the most critical of Rutgers supporters had to admit it was when, not if, Rutgers would land that big-time recruit. That when was Friday, April 15th as 4-Star wide receiver Bo Melton committed to Rutgers. Melton selected Rutgers over Michigan, Oregon, Ohio State and Penn State.  The relationship built between the new Rutgers staff and Melton was what won his commitment.


“Choosing Rutgers as the school that I want to go to was the best choice that I could ever make. For Rutgers, I feel a lot of love and a lot of trust between Coach Ash and the coaching staff.  Just knowing that Rutgers showed me love and the fans showed me love makes me feel that it will be a great atmosphere when I play there on Saturdays”, stated Melton.


Although Rutgers was believed to be Melton’s leader for a while, he did not reveal it. So when Melton was ready to make his commitment, he wanted to make it as a surprise the Rutgers coaches.


“I sent the commitment on a text message because I wanted to surprise them. Since I knew in my mind and I was not able to tell them face to face, I wanted to send them a text message so that they could ‘go off’. Then I called Coach Ash and let him know about my decision”, he exclaimed.


This commitment was not only special due to the fact that it is the first 4-star prospect to commit to Coach Ash but the fact that both Melton’s father and mother were athletes at Rutgers. His father Gary was a standout wide receiver from 1987 to 1991 while his mother played for the women’s basketball team from 1988-1993.  His parents were overjoyed by the decision for him to follow them to Rutgers. It made the decision even more special.


“I have been to Rutgers a lot. I mean a lot. It was great to see the renovations that they are doing to Livingston (campus) and how they are making the campus better and making the football team are two great things. With my parents going to Rutgers, it makes me proud. Now I can continue that legacy and make them proud’, he stated.


But the reaction for Melton’s parents were completely heartfelt.


“When I told my mother, she could not stop shaking. When I posted it on Twitter, she just went off the roof and going crazy. The next day, she was buying Rutgers gear for me. She was just trying to give me all of the love she can. While my dad is a little more laid back. But throughout the day he must have called me 4 or 5 times. If my dad is calling me 4 or 5 times, something good is happening”, stated the 4-star receiver.


Melton plans on bringing other prospects to Rutgers with him. In the past, he has been communicating with some of the best recruits in the state of New Jersey. Many of them hold Rutgers in high regard. His commitment could help to assist others to come to Rutgers.


“I am trying to keep everybody in Jersey to stay in Jersey. There are a lot of top athletes in Jersey such as Fred Hansard, Markquese Bell, Jonathan Taylor, Johnathan Lewis, Micah Clark and Owens Bolds. There are a lot of people who can make a very good impact at Rutgers. I am here to let them know that they can stay home and fence the garden”, he stated.


Many of the recruits have been very interested and might make a positive decision for the Scarlet Knights. Melton feels that some of them might let their intentions be known very soon.


“I am not going to mention any names but they have been some people who stated that Rutgers is the place to be. They told me when I committed that it changed up things. I have been getting in people’s heads about Rutgers. You should see people going to commit.


Beyond continuing to recruit to Rutgers, Melton plans to compete in a number of combines and other events.


“I am going to one of the Rivals combines. I would like to play in the All-American Bowl but I would like to clear it with the Rutgers staff first”.


Although Rutgers fans would l love to see Melton on campus early, they will have to wait. He fully plans on enjoying his senior year so he will not be enrolling early.