Teddy Field Talks About Commitment

Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer

Jul 20, 2014

By: Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer


OL Commitment Teddy Field

OL Commitment Teddy Field

It's never too early to start thinking ahead.  That's why late last week, the Scarlet Knights were over the moon when they secured the committment of rising junior Ted Field.  The Pennsylvania guard had offers from two other schools and mounting interest from other top programs, but he didn't want to wait it out before signing up with RU.


"It feels great having committed to Rutgers," Field told StateOfRutgers.com.  "Now I can focus on being a high schooler.  My recently departed head coach Dan Algeo [who tragically passed away from a heart attack earlier this month] helped me realize that Rutgers was the place for me."


Field is Rutgers' first recruit for the class of 2016 and he says that he's ready to sell other top talents in the class on RU's family atmosphere, academics, and "ability to play for championships."


"Yes I am planning on getting other players.  I don't care who they are.  As long as you have a smash mouth attitude and want to be a part of a fearless team, then I want to play wiht you," said the 6-foot-6, 315 pound powerhouse.


The rising junior also spoke glowingly of Coach Browning and noted that his style is quite similar to his O-Line coach Joe Valerio, a former right tackle in the NFL.  While some might see Field as a left tackle for RU, he's not exactly picky about where he plays on the line.  He tells SOR that he'll play "any position that gives me the opportunity to destroy my opponent."


Field played his sophomore season on a torn ACL, before having surgery on it in December but he says he's feeling no ill effects from it now.  In fact, he's even back to doing squats and leg presses and is working to add 50 pounds to each.  He already boasts a 425 pound bench press and a 405 pound squat (pre-surgery), so another 50 lbs would be rather impressive.  


When asked what he can bring to the Scarlet Knights, Field didn't hesitate to answer.


"Anger. Hostility towards all opposition. Especially neighboring Big Ten schools. I will help Rutgers be the toughest team in the nation."