SORTV: Shameen Jones

Jun 26, 2016

By: SOR Staff


Wr/DB, Shameen Jones

Wr/DB, Shameen Jones

 New York City is known for producing great basketball players. However, the Scarlet Knights have reached into the city the never sleeps to recruit a number of players. This year, one of the players of high interesr is Shameen Jones who is among the best wide receivers in the state. Jone is a well built 6-foot-2, 180lbs with 4.4 speed in the forty. Wide Reciever is a position of need for the Scarlet Knights and Jones is a highly sought after target.


On Sunday, June 26th, Jones will trek back to the Rutgers campus with his parents to full see what the school has to offer. Before the visit, SOR had the obtain to interview the standout performer.


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