SOR's Top 25

Sep 4, 2012

By: SOR Staff


In the virtual back rooms of, one of the most heated discussions (outside of Rutgers related items) is which teams should be in the Top 25. The champion of these discussions has been Jim Myers, who watches many of the games from around the nation every weekend. This year Donald Forbes will be joining him on contributing his Top 25 while asking the StateOfRutgers community to provide their Top 25 on the message boards.


As a result, we decided to publicize our Top 25 on a weekly basis and compare their final rankings to the final major polls.


Due to Alabama dismantling of then No. 8 Michigan, Jim ascended Alabama to No. 1. While Donald believes it is too early to remove the label of No.1 from USC until they are defeated or proven unworthy. Beyond No. 1 and No. 2, they are identical until No. 6 where they differ widely. Jim has Nebraska at No. 7 with a defeat of Southern Miss while Arkansas, Michigan State and South Carolina around out his Top 10.


Due to West Virginia's convincing win over in-state rival Marshall, Donald has the Mountaineers at No. 7 with South Carolina at No. 8 after a controversial road win at Vanderbilt. Arkansas and Florida State are the teams that around out his Top 25.



Jim Myers Top 25   Donald Forbes' Top 25
1. Alabama   1. USC
2. Southern Cal   2. Alabama
3. LSU   3. LSU
4. Oklahoma   4. Oklahoma
5. Oregon   5. Oregon
6. Georgia   6. Georgia
7. Nebraska   7. West Virginia
8. Arkansas   8. South Carolina
9. Michigan State   9. Arkansas
10. South Carolina   10. Florida State
11. Florida State   11. Michigan State
12. West Virginia   12. Clemson
13. Louisville   13. Texas
14. TCU   14. Wisconsin
15. Clemson
  15. Virginia Tech
16. Michigan   16. Nebraska
17. Wisconsin   17. Ohio State
18. Oklahoma State   18. Oklahoma State
19. Virginia Tech   19. TCU
20. BYU   20. Michigan
21. Stanford   21. Kansas State
22. Central Florida   22. Louisville
23. Cincinnati   23. Florida
24. Tennessee   24. Stanford
25. Kansas State   25. Notre Dame

Which teams are in your Top 25? Join the discussion the messageboad using the below link.


Who is in your Top 25?